In what was looking to be one of the best North American tours of the Spring, it seems like the forthcoming Soilwork headlining tour has hit a bit of a snag, as two of the supporting acts have just announced that they will have to pull out of the trek. The Living Infinite Tour was recently announced as a co-headling tour in support of Soilwork’s new double album, The Living Infinite with Jeff Loomis acting as co-headliner and support coming from Blackguard, Wretched, and the electronica infused deathcore act, The Browning. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perception of these bands) it seems like The Browning and Wretched are both pulling out of the tour for two separate reasons.

Both bands cite different reasons for leaving the tour; The Browning offering ‘scheduling conflicts’ as the cause, as they plan to record their new album during the time that they would be on the road, and that obviously seems like the priority for them. However, that’s kind of strange to me. The tour was announced months ago, October of 2012 to be exact, and setting up studio times is something that obviously needs to be done in advance. With the tour being set in place for such a long time, you would think that the band would have had ample time to plan around the tour for both recording of the new album and their video, Maybe this was the only time they could allocate towards setting up studio time, and time to record the video, but that just seems a bit odd. At any rate, here’s what the band had to say:

“We regret to announce that due to scheduling conflicts with recording our new album and shooting a new music video we’re having to pull off of the upcoming Soilwork tour. We apologize to any fans that were expecting to see us at these shows. We’re really excited for everyone to hear our new album and thats why its important for us to get back into the studio as soon as possible. Get ready for new music!”

While both bands were rather short in their reasoning for leaving the tour, at least The Browning offered a tangible explanation for their departure. With their statement, the band Wretched offered little more than a bite-sized apology with no real indication as to why they were departing from the tour, simply citing “issues out of our hands” as the culprit. Here’s what Wretched had to say:

“We regret to inform everyone, but due to issues out of our hands, we have to pull off of our upcoming tour with Soilwork. We will most definitely make this up to everyone that was planning to come out and see us. We’ll see you soon.”
Losing one supporting band has hardly ever led to the demise of a full tour, but losing two out of three is a pretty big deal. I doubt that the tour will be cancelled altogether, but Soilwork and their tour manager will have to work fast if they plan to replace these two acts. Of course they could just continue on with the current line-up of Blackguard and Loomis as support, but I can’t help but think that this will hurt ticket sales a bit.
We’ll keep you updated if any more news becomes available surrounding this tour.
[via Lambgoat]
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