Suffocation - Pinnacle of Bedlam

It’s not exactly news to anyone that record sales are on a steep decline. Record stores are closing left and right and are a rarity these days, with people instead opting for piracy to get their music fix. No matter how you slice it, when you buy records — especially from underground and independent artists and labels — it affects the band’s success. Kids these days often scoff at the idea of buying music, saying, “well they make all their money from tours and merch anyway.” Not necessarily; many tours these days are booked based on first week album sales and if the band doesn’t tour, merch sales plummet, so if you want your favorite band to get a sweet support slot, pre-order their album or pick it up in the first week. Hell, every little bit counts, and it’s better late then never.

Suffocation guitarist Guy Marchais shares this same sentiment. To make a point, Marchais filmed himself going to his local F.Y.E. and purchasing the latest Suffocation record Pinnacle of Bedlam. It’s quite humbling, and you can watch the video below:


Granted, buying physical music isn’t always as simple as driving to the local mall. Wal-Mart is the only retailer in my area, for example, and while they often carry a surprisingly varied metal selection (I’ve seen Amon Amarth, Emmure, Mastodon, and BTBAM there), there’s no guarantee the local music shop will have a band like Suffocation available. Even still, it’s even easier to load up Amazon, iTunes, or the band or label’s own official store and grab yourself a copy.

I think every rational person can agree with Guy on this is some facet. I’ve been more mindful of buying up music I love over the years in the way of vinyl releases and such even though I get music for free through this website. It feels good to support music and own a physical copy of an album I enjoy. Sure, money may be tight, but hey, if the guitarist of an extreme metal band like Suffocation can find the time and money to buy his own record, you can surely give it a shot yourself.

– JR


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