Ash Borer are one of the better acts in the surging U.S. black metal movement (often labeled cascadian black metal), and they have continually surprised me with each subsequent release. And despite releasing an album about a year ago, the band are preparing to release a new twelve inch record in April via Gilead Media. The forthcoming twelve inch will be titled Bloodlands, and the band have just released a new track for streaming over at their official Bandcamp page.

The track is called ‘Oblivion’s Spring’ and as is often the case with cascadian black metal, it’s as beautiful as it is bleak. Doom influenced riffs accompany thunderous drums, as the song flows in and out of one somber tone to the next. Despite the intensity and abundance of the harsher sections the song still comes off feeling rather relaxing as the atmosphere builds and swells. Coming in at just over fiften minutes, ‘Oblivion’s Spring’ should be enough of a song to tide the fans over until Bloodlands sees its official release. You can stream the track below, or from the band’s official bandcamp

[via InvisibleOranges]

– EC

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