HAARP machine teaser

By now you’re all probably aware of the fate of The HAARP Machine in recent weeks: 3/4 of the band (so basically everyone except Mu’min) left, right before a huge European tour with Born Of Osiris, After The Burial and Monuments, leaving the band, or Mu’min I should say, in quite the predicament. How could he possibly find 3 new band member in time or the tour, which is in a few weeks? Would he get people good enough to play his music? Well, we now have the answer.


In case you just want to skip the video, essentially Mu’min makes tea, then goes into a rehearsal space with a new vocalist and bassist. The video is supposed to be all shady and mysterious about who is involved in the new lineup, but word has already made it out that Ever Forthright guitarist Nicholas Llerandi and vocalist/saxophonist Chris Barretto (ex-Periphery, in case you’ve forgotten) will be filling in on bass and vocals, respectively. No word on who has been tapped to play drums yet, however.

In other news, the band’s tourmate in Monuments guitarist Olly Steele did his own take on the teaser, which we think is much more pressing:


– SS

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