Protest The Hero Finish Their Indiegogo Campaign…WITH $341,121


By now, you are aware that Protest the Hero, our Canadian progressive metal friends, ave decided to go about releasing their new album by doing it themselves. No record contracts, self-produced and totally free of obligations. They had also put a campaign on Indigogo, with some sick incentives, including a limited edition vinyl (which I, along with a few others at HBIH picked up), so sick hoodies, even a pizza party at Tim’s house. Well, as of today, their campaign has ended. And were they successful in reaching their $125,000 goal? Uh, you could say yes.

Not only did they succeed, but they did more than DOUBLE what they had anticipated, with $341,121 raised. Wow. As a music fan who still buys physical records and CDs and cassettes, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. A band, whom I hold near and dear, has fans that are as dedicated, if not more, than I am to helping them, and were willing to pay even though we know it will be months before we receive anything. It’s truly a beautiful thing. So hopefully we can get their best record yet, surpassing even the legendary Fortress, and maybe even get a new magnum opus from the five piece.

This also, I might add, is why all of a sudden so many other bands/projects have gone to Indiegogo to help. It’s a market that’s readily available and that is actually pretty logical. While most bands won’t achieve what PTH did (say, upstarts or smaller bands), they can definitely make a name for themselves by adding awesome incentives and having a pretty decent fanbase.

So congratulations, guys. You did super well. We’re all stoked! If you want a reminder, here are the five guys you’re helping.


– SS


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