Tesseract - Altered State

We love Tesseract. Jimmy voted their debut album as his Album Of The Year in 2011, and we are constantly keeping up with their updates, lineup changes, etc. A few weeks ago we said that their new album is a 51-minute piece divide into 4 parts. Today, Tesseract posted the following update with the titles of the first three parts:

TesseracT – Altered State – 01 Of Matter; 02 Of Mind; 03 Of Reality…

Color us excited. While we were wrong when we assumed that the single ‘Nocturne‘ would be one of the four main parts, it’s looking like it will be a sub-part in the context of the record. We know that the whole album is one piece of music, but now it wouldn’t surprise us that these four tracks will be cut further into 12 or so other pieces.

So, place your bets on the title of the last section of Altered State. Ours are placed firmly on ‘Of Dreams.’ It makes logical sense in the order and fits in with the theme and lyrics of ‘Nocturne,’ with the chorus, “you’re the plague within my dreams…” and the cries of, “wake me up!” If we weren’t broke, we’d put all our money on it.

Update: We were never all that good at gambling anyway.

More details as they come. Listen to ‘Nocturne‘ below.


– SS & JR


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