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Long and hard has been the fight over which condiments are best on a hot dog. It all boils down to ketchup and mustard. The line in the sand has been drawn and many have already picked their sides and have moved on with their lives over their own personal choice on the matter… or so it would seem. Periphery‘s new video for ‘Scarlet‘ envisions a future in which wars have been fought over this very debate. Like their previous video ‘Make Total Destroy,’ this video was once again directed by Wes Richardson, who also directed last year’s jaw dropping ‘Astral Body’ video for his brother Blake’s band Between the Buried and Me. Expect the same sort of visuals, only instead of astral projections flying through space and forming new planets, Periphery are flying through the air in a ship made to look like a mustard bottle. Watch the video after the jump.


Say what you want about Periphery, but I’ve always enjoyed the band’s inability to give very many fucks. Perhaps many find the band’s “LOL I TROL U” attitude to be a bit grating (we have nearly weekly arguments at HBIH HQ over this very thing), but you’ve got to give them credit in some respects when it comes to being lighthearted and fun. I mean, you can’t really fault a band that doesn’t care to just let go and have a laugh, can you?

But back on point, the end of the video says it all. Ketchup is simply the better condiment. I mean, how can you resist the taste of the red? fite me irl, bro. do u even lunch?

– JR

ps., hi misha


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