It’s been so long since Sumerian Records and The Faceless announced they were planning a video for ‘Deconsecrate’ that I actually forgot it was going to be a thing. After a few months following the release of the video’s teaser trailer, the full thing is now available. It’s a unique video for sure worth waiting for, showing a narrative story wherein the band takes a church hostage. Not only is the story amusing in various ways (see above), but the story is interspersed with some killer performance footage. Watch the video below:


I appreciate the deadpan humor throughout the video. I just about died when former drummer Lyle Cooper is seen reading a porn magazine hidden in a Bible. It just goes to show that despite the subject matter, they’re not taking themselves too seriously, which is easy to do in a video that sees the band committing countless blasphemies to a song critiquing religion. The apex of death metal subject matter is upon us.

Deconsecrate‘ appears on the band’s latest record Autotheism, which is available now on Sumerian Records.

– JR


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