Katatonia‘s 2012 offering Dead End Kings was a fantastic album that graced many of our year end lists here at Heavy Blog, as well as many others around the metal community. It’s the type of dark, brooding atmospheric metal that fans of Katatonia have come to expect. And while the release was nearly six months ago, the band have just unveiled a video for the track ‘Lethean’ off of Dead End Kings. It’s available through the Swedish site Rocknytt.com, right here

It’s an odd little video, and even though it’s well shot, and quite enjoyable to watch, there doesn’t seem to be much of a plot. Two different women are shown running throughout the video, and occasionally interacting. Behaving in less than healthy behaviors (like smoking). Like the title of the song would suggest, the video seems to be about the two women who have lost their way, due to some sort of forgetfulness or confusion. Personally, I would have preferred something else, but it’s still a cool little video, and some of you might dig the artsy and minimalistic direction of this video.

[via Metalsucks]

– EC


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