Austrian Death Machine's Triple Brutal

In case you’re the type that finds rocks super comfy as a preferable living arrangement, Austrian Death Machine is As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis’ ode to everyone’s favorite Austrian actor and bodybuilder-turned-Californian governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. So far, the side-project has released two fairly successful records that have brought the riffs and the laughs. Now, Lambesis has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the project’s third album Triple Brutal, and he’s offering plenty of great perks, including the chance to punch him in the abs for $69. For $5,000, he’ll tattoo your initials on his ass. Exciting!

There’s also some other cool stuff too, like personal training and — if you’re not feeling too generous or adventurous — the album itself in various formats. With these kinds of perks, it’s hard to imagine Lambesis not reaching his $63,000 goal, which will go toward the album and a potential tour. Here are some details:


The past couple years of my life have been really busy with As I Lay Dying tours, kids, and life in general. While I’ve always wanted to do a 3rd Austrian Death Machine record, it became harder and harder to justify the time. I have however found enough time and made it a priority to get in better shape. Maybe it’s partly because of that, but for whatever reason, a huge percentage of fans started asking me for a new ADM record on the last couple tours.

I’m launching this campaign because I believe these are all things that you guys want  and if that’s the case- it justifies leaving the rest of my life unorganized for a while when I focus on Austrian Death Machine.

Over the past year I’ve become increasingly interested in crowdfunding. It’s a direct connection to fans and a way to offer unique and fun things… like training sessions or getting punched in the stomach that wouldn’t exist otherwise.Because crowdfunding is a way to provide creative and cool stuff that big business normally would be too afraid to invest in, I have another idea in mind to do a project on the more serious end of the spectrum eventually, as well. For now, I plan to get all my meathead humor out of the way.

Don’t be a girly man and buy something fantastically brutal that will make both of our lives more full of pump! Plus, Arnie is back doing movies, so the timing is perfect! If we can fund the record, I also want to do a Triple Brutal TerminaTour. But in order to do that, I’m going to need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle- but more importantly, your support. Spread the pump so we can all get down! Ahhnold and I are willing to take this as far as the fans want us to!!!

Hit up IndieGoGo and give some cash for great justice. It’s what Arnold would want.

– JR


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