Extreme music has always been somewhat of a competition. Every band wants to be faster/slower/heavier/more technical/more brutal than the last and sometimes that leads us down paths to sounds that are, in some sense of the word, completely fucking ridiculous. Sabazius, a drone doom act from Sussex in the UK, are the latest proponents of pushing good taste and their particular brand of aural torture comes in the form of a new track ‘The Descent Of Man‘ which clocks in at a soul destroying 11 hours long. Now, Sabazius are no stranger to long tracks, much of their back catalogue is comprised of ‘EPs’ that push well into the hour mark (most of which are actually really good hypnotic doom) but after being challenged to create their longest piece yet by Earache Records head honcho Digby Pearson, the band dropped this monstrosity upon us (which has actually been edited down by a good 3 hours) and have graciously shared with us the full thing through YouTube.


Here’s a quick word on the recording process for this track the band made on Facebook:

We took breaks leaving one or two of the others still playing when it wasn’t all three of us. We did at one point just leave the guitars feeding back, as we were going for pure white noise, but that section got cut thank God! It was about 90 mins of one continuous note, and was horrendous! Haha.

So for those of you with more balls than brains, good luck. I’d suggest you keep yourself away from any sharp objects or corners because saying it’s a tough listen is a bit of an understatement and, if you’re lucky to get there, there’s a cool little riff around the 6 hour mark.

– DL


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