By this point in time, Southern-Lord-core is about as much of a movement as Sumeriancore. Thinking about it though, it would probably make more sense to refer to it as Kurt-Ballou-core as he seems to have his fingers in so many of those pies that it’s becoming a little absurd. It’s for a good reason though, he never fails to coax the best out of a band.

Vancouver based Baptists are one the latest culprits filling that criteria and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were passable, given the familiar circumstances. BUT YOU’RE WRONG. From the moment resident Canuck, Tentaclesworth, began to lavish praise upon this crusty hardcore outfit a good six months ago, I knew they were worth paying attention to and thankfully they do not disappoint — Baptists are ferocious and ruthless in every way. Pummeling riffs and hoarse shouts meet a snotty punk attitude in a way that invokes all those primal metalhead urges, to the point where you’ll find yourself resisting the urge to raise a fist or three, no matter where you are where this glorious filth hits your ears. have the full album stream and the timing is perfect as by the time this post goes up, Bushcraft should be unleashed upon the general public. So grab a neckbrace, you may need one, for your own safety.

– DL

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