Scottish death metal act Man Must Die are the latest band getting involved with the crowdfunding process, raising funds towards their, as yet, unnamed fourth album in the interest of helping ‘get thae album oot’. Up until recently the band were involved with Relapse Records but have decided to go it alone for their latest effort and with all the material already written, it’s simply a case of getting the cash to record it.

However, crowdfunding in the metal world is still finding it’s feet and, unfortunately, there’s no blueprint available for a band to follow at this point. So after looking over the proposal, which can be found here at PledgeMusic, I was left asking a couple of important questions:

  • Why PledgeMusic? It’s not a site I’ve heard of before, but their Wiki page states they’ve helped a large range of artists from Bowling For Soup, Charlie Simpson and The Blackout to more metal relevant acts like Sylosis, Earthtone9 and Flotsam And Jetsam, so maybe that’s more my ignorance than anything else, but I’d be interested to know why it was chosen over the more popular alternatives in Kickstarter and Indiegogo.
  • Unless I’m starting to lose it, there’s no actual indication of the amount of money they’re hoping to raise. Sure, you could probably get a good idea just a combination of the percentage raised, the number of pledgers and the average amount but why should you have to? As someone getting involved in a project that won’t get funded if they don’t reach that set amount, it would be nice to make an informed decision based on the scope of the project. (It’s worth noting that it seems this quirk is not limited to the Man Must Die pledge and instead seems to be a commonality across all pledge projects on the site.)


More importantly though, the pricing and bonuses are well thought out. A digital copy of the album will cost you £8 (~$12) and there’s a whole host of extras available including guitar/vocal lessons, personalised songs and, most enticingly, a USB stick containing the band’s entire back catalogue. Also, the addition of a 10% donation to the RSCPA if they meet their target is a nice thought.


Still not sure whether you pledge? Well, PledgeMusic has a pretty nifty inbuilt player on the left of the page through which you can check out a few tracks — I would highly recommend it, of course. Man Must Die are extremely underrated and anyone with even a slight interest in brutal and groovy death metal will find more than enough substance on offer here and with 20% of the project funded already and 53 days still left to go, it’s looking like this Scottish death machine will be gracing us with another slab of neck-wrecking death metal later this year. 


– DL


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