ghost secular haze

Say what you will about Ghost, they definitely have their shtick well rehearsed. Take the new video for ‘Secular Haze‘ for instance, with it’s decor torn straight from a 1970’s talk show. The band fit right in with the gaudy blur effects and grainy footage suggesting that, if nothing else, the band are well aware of the power of their image and how to utilise it to best effect. You can see for yourself here, over at Noisey.

The track is one we’ve heard before, as it was teased in the build up to the announcement of their second album Infestissumam, but as with every account I’ve heard, the music comes across far better when it goes hand in hand with the theatrical aspects of the band so try not to write it off straight away based on name alone because, when it comes down to it, this mysterious cult can write some incredibly catchy songs.

Infestissumam marks the band’s debut through Loma Vista Recordings and will be available on the 9th of April.

– DL

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