Coilguns - Commuters

Coilguns are one of those perfectly hidden secrets in the metal underground, so consider this an olive branch — this is your chance to get acquainted with them. Comprised of a large portion of The Ocean (yeah, seriously!), Coilguns take art-y angular hardcore and intensify the energy in a way that only members of that aforementioned German collective could and, their debut, Commuters is the imagining of exactly that. has a full stream of the album, the article may entirely in German, but thankfully soundcloud players are a universal language so get stuck in.

Fans of The Chariot and early days Every Time I Die will find qualities to latch onto here and there, but the main difference being that Coilguns aren’t afraid to slow things down to a funeral march and explore the sparser tempos of post-metal as in the 11 minute long ‘Commuters Part 2‘ or the brooding album closer ‘Earthians‘. But if you don’t have time to fit in a whole album today, at the very least, lend your lug-holes to the minute and half bruiser of ‘Plug-In Citizen‘ — you’d be hard pushed to find another track so instantly satisfying  this year.

If you want a visual accompaniment to the track however, there’s an in-studio performance video after the jump!


– DL


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