Wormed - Exodromos

Set phasers to blast, redshirts, Wormed return after a ten year quiet period with a brand new album Exodromos and, to put it bluntly, the results are glorious. Enigmatic by nature and brutal in execution, this Spanish brutal death metal troupe have obviously been refining and streamlining their sound over their time away and it shows in new track ‘The Nonlocality Trilemma‘, which is available for streaming over at NPR.

For those of you wondering, ‘nonlocality’ is the interaction between two objects at a large distance from each other even though they are not linked by any immediate means and ‘trilemma’ is simply a variation on ‘dilemma’ whereby there are three alternatives, each with unfavourable consequences. Put those two together and obviously you get… Well, I have no idea, so I’ll let Wormed explain the concept behind the track:

“The Nonlocality Trilemma” talks about the escape of Krighsu from planet Earth. This is one of the tracks where Krighsu begins to question life and the worth of his mission. Their extremely technological spacecraft takes off quickly and breaks the barrier of space time through the interstellar medium in seconds, leaving the solar system forever. Krighsu is one of the main characters in the Wormed concept. He represents the consciousness of humanity in a futuristic and technological context. He carries the human seed, and he’s the last hope of human life. The album in particular talks about the demise of the solar system and the universe in the year 8K. Krighsu is entrusted with the salvation of human life.

So yeah, eat your heart out Between The Buried And Me, the new kings of the space opera are here.

Exodromos is set for release on the 26th of March through Willowtip records.

– DL

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