Nails - Abaondon all Life

Nails just have that air about them — they’re definitely something special. Their crusty hardcore meets grindcore meets powerviolence sound takes all the best moments of those genres and forces them together in an unstable concoction of Entombed-core riffs and d-beat drums. But after the spectacular Unsilent Death that caught the attention of so many, it was anyone’s guess as to whether the band would ever be able to match the sheer intensity of that fourteen minute long glass bottle to the face.

However, the build up to their follow up Abandon All Life has begun and, with Terrorizer streaming a new track ‘Wide Open Wound, those worries begin to dissipate. And although the track is well over 3 minutes long, worry not, Nails haven’t gone all progressive on us — ‘Wide Open Wound‘ fills the necessary quota for the mid-tempo sludge track that every hardcore band needs these days and they definitely take to it a lot better than most other bands.

Abandon All Life will arrive to make fools out of us all on April 1st through Southern Lord Records.

– DL

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