Look Right Penny

Look Right Penny is exactly what you get when you take radio sensibilities and drop it in a pit with Protest The Hero-like musicianship. Killing it right out of the gate with their 2012 debut album Sugar Lane, they seem to only be getting better with their brand new single ‘What Good Am I For?‘ Take a listen:


The video is wholly comprised of fan-made art and was released on Valentine’s Day as a gift from the band, because they’re aware you’re a bunch of lonely saps. Wasn’t that sweet? Outside the background of the video, the song itself is great. Vocalist Mariel Diaz-Carrion should be the star of the show here by way of her vocal ability, but the band are right there behind her with riffs worthy of an instrumental mix. The main thing that sets this single apart from Sugar Lane is that it relies a little less on a hook or catchy chorus and instead stays strong and well-written all the way through. Not that the debut album was gimmicky (fun fact- it rules), but if ‘What Good Am I For?‘ is any indication of where the band is headed with their sophomore release, then you might want to keep them on your radar.

– GK


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