Karnivool studio 2013

Photo by Kane Hibberd

Guys, I can barely contain my excitement. Australian progressive rock act Karnivool crafted what is quite possibly one of my favorite albums of all time in 2009’s Sound Awake, and they’re finally poised to release a follow-up four years later. The band are wrapping up recording sessions in the studio and are in the home stretch to completion. The band uploaded a new album of photos to their Facebook page showcasing a few shots of the band in the studio during their final week of tracking. Since the photos have been published, it might be safe to say that they’ve already completed tracking and have moved onto the mixing stage by now. Yes, good.

While this could firmly be in the realm of “almost news,” the promise of new Karnivool is too great to ignore. This is personally my most anticipated album of 2013 at the moment. Perhaps my expectations are too high, but it’s hard not to when the band are coming off of a modern rock classic. In the off-chance you’re unfamiliar with the group, here’s a single or two as your portal into the world of Karnivool.


As per usual when it comes to bands we’re total fangirls over, we’ll share more news regarding new Karnivool as it happens.

– JR

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