When we’re not goofing off and posting about metal for this site, the staff of Heavy Blog have quite a bit of discussions behind the scenes. And when I say discussions, I mean arguments, usually revolving around how I’m wrong about something. One of the arguments that arises fairly often is mt apparent disdain for unnecessarily long songs. Many a discussion has been started over my disdain for Opethian-length songs — even with the band Opeth. However, that’s not to say I dislike long songs, I just don’t particular see any increased inherent value just because a band writes a ten minute song, and in most of the cases the value of the song goes down, due to being over bloated or wanky.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself, ‘What the fuck is this dude going on about?” Well hey, calm down sir, I have a point. Despite my general lack of enthusiasm at seeing the time length of a song exceed ten minutes, my attention was recently called towards a thirty eight minute song by the Massachusetts based band, perhaps. The band’s debut, simply titled Volume One, is a hodgepodge of sounds, venturing in nearly every thing that we at Heavy Blog love. Progressive rock/metal, psychedelic, jazz fusion, post-rock, and a slurry of other beautiful sounds all make their home on this opus of a track.

Even though it’s a nearly forty minute song, Volume One never gets boring. With something new happening from minute to minute, it’s hard to draw your attention away from the track, and with one of the best sound mixes of any underground band I’ve heard, there’s no reason why these guys should not be lauded for this accomplishment of musical composition. I’ve listened to this bad boy a total of eight times in the past couple of days, and after the first listen I bought the vinyl. That’s how strongly I felt about the endeavor of this band. The band wear their influences on their sleeve, so if you’re a fan of old school prog, with modern sensibilities, you should definitely be giving this thing a spin or two.

You can get perhaps’ Volume One at their official Bandcamp as a “pay what you want” audio file, or you could purchase it on vinyl or cassette. Also, don’t be afraid to give them a like on Facebook. The band have just under three hundred likes, and that sounds absolutely criminal.

– EC

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