A Life Once Lost tour 2013

Sometimes I end up asleep at the wheel here in some respects. I get more emails than I can possibly read (sorry folks) while maintaining whatever it is I refer to as a life outside of this website — seriously, it’s hard to cover everything interesting when I’m also wrapping up my Senior year in University and tackling another part-time job and an internship. But I do what I can, and most of the time I like to live life by the saying, “better late than never.” I digress though; one such news piece that slipped right by me is A Life Once Lost‘s headlining tour next month with Author & Punisher and Encrust. I’m just so used to not being too interested in tour announcements such as these because there’s just about a 99% chance that smaller tours will never make it close enough to my humble Eastern Kentucky town for it to be worth my while. Ironically, I only discovered this tour nearly a month after the fact because I found out that a local convention center 40 minutes away from my house was going to be hosting what is apparently a very rare national-touring metal gig stop. So yeah, needless to say I’m going to this thing.

In case you missed out on the news as well, tour dates are available below:

3/17 – Oklahoma City, OK © Chameleon Room
3/18 – St. Louis, MO © Fubar
3/19 – Prestonburg, KY © Jenny Wiley Convention Center (w/ Encrust)
3/20 – Chicago, IL © Ultra Lounge (w/ Encrust)
3/21 – Toledo, OH © Mickey Finn’s (w/ Encrust)
3/22 – Buffalo, NY © Broadway Joes

It’s a long shot that anyone local that isn’t already associated with this site will be reading this, but just in case, I’ll see you folks in Prestonsburg.

– JR

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