Woe - Withdrawal

Not to be confused with the embarrassing metalcore band Woe, Is Me (seriously, I think I’ve made this mistake myself once), American black metal group Woe have a new record Withdrawal looming out on the horizon. Their previous effort in 2010’s Quietly, Undramatically was my introduction to the band and turned my head, especially when the remastered version improved upon record’s initial lackluster production. Apparently the group have made a stylistic shift in the years since, now sporting a more crust/hardcore bite instead of the expected tremolo-inflected atmospheric black metal sound that I remember the band having. In fact, I had to double-check that I wasn’t being duped into listening to a completely different Woe. Nope, same one.

I’m not complaining one bit though; obviously, crust punk and black metal have always had a symbiotic relationship with one another, so at least the leap makes sense in certain context. The band’s new track ‘Carried By Waves To Remorseless Shores Of Truth’ (what a mouthful) shocked me right away with dissonant hardcore guitar wails and a filthy grooving rhythm section that carries the track into what I suspect is new territory for the band. If this is what can be expected with Withdrawal, count me in. The track is streaming over at Pitchfork, so hop on over and give the song a spin.

Withdrawal is due out April 23rd on Candlelight Records. Pre-orders (in both CD and LP) are now available.

– JR

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