The trolls are here and in a surprisingly timely fashion. Just the other day I was wondering what had happened to this Finnish folk-metal act and it turns out it’s been a good three years since their last outing Nifelvind and, lo and behold, a stream of a brand new track ‘Blodsvept‘ is dropped directly into my lap without warning.


By now, you should know what you’re getting when it comes to Finntroll. Their stint as a folk influenced act have seen them go from upbeat humppa drunkards to grim-faced symphonic black metallers, while touching every point in between, and ‘Blodsvept‘ is no different. While a substantial amount of their peers are interested in nothing more than abusing accordions and singing about drinking, Finntroll are aiming for something a little more substantial and memorable and if the dark melodies and rhythms on offer here don’t do that for you, then I don’t know what will.

Blodsvept is quite a while away, with an April 2nd release through Century Media Records.

[via Decibel]

– DL


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