I typically don’t get too excited over split EPs for many reasons, one in particular being perhaps an insignificant amount of new material and the low-profile that seems to plague split EPs. However, Relapse Records have announced plans to release a stoned-out doom fan’s wet dream in Cough/Windhand‘s new split album (yes, ALBUM) Reflection of the Negative. The three-track record will span 40-minutes of epic psychedelia and Sabbath-worship, with Cough contributing one track and Windhand offering two. A teaser trailer sampling some new music has been posted below:


I typically don’t jive on doom metal as much as some others around these parts, but both Cough and Windhand are names that pique my interest in particular; Cough’s stoned misanthropic brutality and Windhand’s surprisingly catchy mix of sludgy doom and falsetto crooning are sounds that I can get behind. The two of them coming together for a split album just makes sense, especially considering they share a hometown in Richmond, VA.

Reflection of the Negative will see release April 16th on Relapse Records. Pre-orders (including CD and limited LP) are available at Relapse Mailorder.

– JR


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