Botanist - IV

Botanist has got to be one of the more unique and interesting bands in black metal. Instead of guitars, this one man project uses a hammered dulcimer to create the disturbing sounds found throughout the discography thus far. Luckily, this avant garde act isn’t just wearing his gimmick into the ground by releasing the same record time after time; the newly released Botanist album IV: Mandragora features more doom/post-black metal influence with greater emphasis on melody which makes for a surprisingly catchy experience once you get past the band’s abrasive sound. Suffice it to say though, you’re likely to not have this listening experience elsewhere in 2013.

This is easily the band’s greatest work yet. I don’t know how someone can manage to make music that is both absolutely hideous and beautiful at the same time, but that’s Botanist for you. The album is now available through Flenser Records’ Bandcamp page for $7, or can be streamed in its entirety above.

– JR


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