The Zenith Passage

A lot of people were underwhelmed by the latest The Faceless offering Autotheism, and it’s easy to see why. While most of us at Heavy Blog felt that the record was good, the change in musical direction lost many of the band’s tech-death fans who didn’t want to see the band delve deeper into progressive influences. For those lost fans, there is a new saving grace in The Zenith Passage, who have taken up the reigns of writing Planetary Duality-esque death metal. There’s a certain level of guilt that I feel in introducing the band’s appeal as being based on the achievements of another band, but just listen to the band’s single ‘Cosmic Dissonance‘ and let that speak for itself.


Yes, good. This is hitting the spot that I didn’t even know needed hitting. The rest of the band’s new EP Cosmic Dissonance is now available via Total Deathcore. Go get it.

[via Metalsucks]

– JR


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