Wintersun studio

Pictured: Wintersun’s Jari Maenpaa in the studio in open defiance of The Iron Maiden Rule.

Wintersun‘s Time has been the butt of many jokes in the metal community due to its constant delays and years spent in development. Just when it looked like things were looking up when the first half Time I was announced and subsequently released with the promise that Time II was to follow shortly after in early 2013, Wintersun has pushed back Time II a full year. Cue sighs and shrugged shoulders the world over.

The news comes via an easily overlooked third paragraph in what looks like an otherwise harmless update on Facebook:

We are starting the mix of TIME II and it will be released early 2014. The album will continue where TIME I left, but it will be an upgrade in production, it will be equally epic, if not more. It will contain some “fast stuff” and some guitar shredding (incl. 7 solos) like some of you metal heads and guitar wankers have been wishing for. It will also contain some of the most beautiful music ever written, that will bring a tear to your eye.

Upon reading this, I thought I was crazy. I could have sworn I read somewhere that Nuclear Blast slated Time II for a spring 2013 release. Digging through my emails, that was indeed the initial plan:

TIME I mix is set to be finished by July, mastered in the beginning of July and released in early fall of 2012! TIME II will be released in 2013. Conception of album artworks, videos, live shows including rehearsals will keep us busy during the Summer and I´ll also continue mixing TIME II meanwhile.

The update was posted last week, and yet no one’s made a stink about this yet. Perhaps it was so expected that people stopped caring and that joke horse has been long send out to pasture. Maybe it was just easily overlooked. Ribbing aside, Time II remains as one of our most highly anticipated records, and Time I landed on my best of 2012 list. Perfection can’t be rushed though and there’s no doubt that the band are working their asses off to get it to us. It’s just a shame that there’s a two year wait from Time‘s first release before we get to hear the rest of the album.

We’ll pass along any information we get when Time II‘s release is further cemented.

– JR

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