Grisly Amputation

Grisly Amputation must be a fairly hyped-about band judging by how often I’ve seen the pastel-colored artwork for their new album Cannibalistic Tendencies across different sites and social networks. I’ve slept on the band for some time because the artwork and name brought to mind that weird deathcore/goregrind scene on MySpace bands from 2006 or so. That whole bright and colorful aesthetic seemingly ironically juxtaposed against gore and brutality just sort of raises red flags for me.

But hey, apparently it gets the job done. I finally caved after I had decided that I’ve seen the album art one too many times, and as it turns out the band are pretty much your archetypal brutal gore-obsessed deathgrind band. The music is created in good fun and all, but every track from Cannibalistic Tendencies starts out with a sample from some cheesy horror film — a few of them being overly long — before ripping into some decent deathgrind plagued by hit-or-miss vocals and terrible production. Perhaps it’s just not my genre and it’s a niche formula that I don’t quite get. I want to enjoy them, and I think I’m right on the cusp of seeing Cannibalistic Tendencies grow on me.

The album is available on the band’s Bandcamp page. Go give it a listen and get back to me with your thoughts. We’ve told you enough times what we think, so return the favor!

– JR


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