Enabler are a band that I told many people to watch out for. Being one of the top breakthrough artists of 2012 and also having their debut album earn a place on my year end list, this band means business. It’s no surprise that they have began to rise in fame, but what is surprising is that less than a year after their debut they are releasing an EP titled Shift of Redemption. While my mind is full of “wat” over how fast they did this, I’m beyond excited. New Enabler is awesome Enabler, and the band, judging by the single, haven’t changed one bit. The new track ‘Live Low’ is every bit as good as their debut, and for an EP, it will definitely hold its own among the rest of the hardcore scene. You can pre-order it here, and listen to the new single ‘Live Low’ over at Metalsucks. Follow them on Facebook so you can catch them live if they come to a show near you! Shift of Redemption will be out April 9th.

– SS

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