As if the surrealist sideshow of Tomahawk‘s music wasn’t disconcerting enough, the band have teamed up with Vincent Forcier to bring an appropriately deranged visual accompaniment to the title track of their latest release, Oddfellows. The video takes live, black and white footage of the band and runs it through a grinder made of Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, with members of the band being morphed and deformed and surrounded by a freakshow of drawings — making it the complete antithesis of relatively bright and vibrant video for ‘Stone Letter.


In a way, it perfectly encapsulates the two opposing sides of Oddfellows that I mentioned in my review of the album. So if you still haven’t quite made your mind up on this one, then here’s your chance to get acquainted with both sides of the coin.

Oddfellows is available now through Ipecac Records.

– DL


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