Carnivores at Grace

If you’re like myself, then you love you some hardcore music. Everything from The Chariot and Every Time I Die to Terror and Converge, when the feedback kicks in and the sound turns up, your blood gets pumping and all you want to do is mosh. I saw Intronaut on Sunday (interview coming soon!), and there was one of two opening bands that go by the name of Carnivores At Grace. They play a mix of hardcore and sludge, and it works really well. This trio of dudes really go hard with their music, and while watching them live I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “Wow. These guys are really freaking good.”

They have an album out right now on their Bandcamp page, and at six bucks, you really can’t go wrong. It also doesn’t hurt that their record was produced by Jamie King, who has worked with Between the Buried and Me and Last Chance To ReasonSo go follow them on Facebook and download their album, because you would seriously be missing out if you didn’t.


– SS


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