Call of the Void

You’d be forgiven for not being aware of Call Of The Void, despite the fact that they’re signed to that most prestigious of labels Relapse Records, as they underwent a name change fairly soon after being signed due to ‘trademark issues’. So what was once Ironhorse is now Call Of The Void and while the name may have changed, the venomous bile being hurled forth is as deadly as always.

A stream of a new track ‘Napalm Lungs‘ is available through Pitchfork and, in one of those glorious little moments where the title of the song perfectly describes it, vocalist Steve Vanica is truly vicious. Obvious points of reference would be other crusty-core bands such as GazaEarly Graves and to a certain extent Nails, but at the same time the band manage to invoke some of the dark punk-y groove of Trap Them, that’s too often overlooked by bands of their ilk. Thankfully, the band hasn’t left us with just one track either, as you can listen to the album opener ‘Failure’  through their Bandcamp page.

The band’s debut Dragged Down A Dead End Path is set for release through the aforementioned Relapse on the 19th of March.

[via American Aftermath]

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