If you didn’t know already, Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree‘s latest solo release The Raven That Refused To Sing is incredible — a sprawling, expansive journey through every dark nook and cranny that makes prog rock so varied and interesting. It’s a testament to just how good a songwriter Wilson really is that he can so seamlessly weave together so many different approaches to the word ‘prog’ and cause, say, Emerson, Lake And Palmer and Rush to sit comfortably next Opeth and The Mars Volta.


The finale to the album, ‘The Raven That Refused To Sing‘, is just one aspect of that — alongside the dark and sombre visuals, swells of strings and piano meet Wilson’s croon in one of the most beautiful and emotive pieces you’ll hear all year. It’s a story that will tug at your heart strings. So while you’re clearing the manly tears from your ears and trying to come up with as excuse as to why you were weeping all over your laptop, maybe think about getting the Kleenex in before this drops on the 25th of February through KScope Records.

[via The Monolith]

– DL

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