Headspace are the next big thing in the world of progressive metal, and rightfully so. Their debut album I Am Anonymous earns the title of not only one of the best albums to have come out last year, but potentially one of my favorite albums to have ever come out. Period. It’s a concept album that tells a story through lyrics and the moods conveyed in the instrumentation, and flows from song to song in the same fashion that one reaches another chapter in a novel; there are elements retained, but it’s a progression toward a climax.


It’s difficult to choose just one song from the album that’ll make you want to listen until you’ve worn even the digital copy out, so above you’ll find a sample pack of each song posted up by the band. I’d also strongly suggest you check out their YouTube channel for explanations of the story, goofy videos, and a bunch of other pretty cool stuff.

As usual, go check out their Facebook page and keep your eyes peeled for updates regarding a new album, and maybe even a US tour with fellow UK progressive titans Haken! Probably not that last part, but I can dream.

– GK


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