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90’s death metal legends Pestilence have not been laying low since their 2011 album Doctrine, which garnered mixed reviews. Despite the critical setback, the band has been touring the world since their much welcomed reformation in 2008, now on the cusp of entering the studio to record third post-disbandment record Obsideo, which will see release later this year on Candlelight Records!

I must have been asleep at the wheel for the past year, but looking over the press release for this new signing and album announcement, I missed last year’s several lineup change that finally landed the band with new drummer Dave Haley of Psycroptic and bassist George Maier. The band are no strangers to rapid and frequent lineup changes, so it’s easy to see why no big fuss was made over their fourth member change in a year’s time. Hopefully this lineup remains consistent; it’s hard to write a quality album when you can’t hold down a consistent rhythm section.

Speaking on the album, the band offered:

“PESTILENCE is very excited to announce that they have signed a recording deal with Candlelight Records. We feel that our new material is very special and innovative and that it needs the back up of a solid company like Candlelight to get it out there to the metal world. PESTILENCE is chuffed to have Dave Haley in the lineup. Dave is one of the five best extreme drummers in the world, and his talent brings PESTILENCE to new levels that couldn’t be reached otherwise. George Maier is a young and talented bass player that will turn some heads. Both guys are really down to earth and real easy going. Of course, Patrick Uterwijk is my most respectable and long-going friend and musician.”

Expect Obsideo out later this year on Candlelight Records.

– JR


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