Even after the initial buzz surrounding the adorable father/daughter grindcore duo Sockweb, no one was really sure how far this unlikely project would go. Perhaps a few songs before the gimmick wore out or the limited attention span of a seven year old girl would put an end to the project, but no; Adam and Joanie Young are sticking with their band for the time being, and have been working on their debut album Werewolf. In fact, the release will see the light of day in the coming months under our friends Monolithic Records!

With the announcement comes a new song titled ‘Bullies Are Mean,’ and it’s a MONSTER. The epic-length (for grind standards) 4 minute track grooves as hard as any Pig Destroyer song with a solo ridiculous enough to come from Buckethead. As always, Jo nails her vocal performance, inspired by her fierce hatred of bullies. Dat catharsis. Go stream it right this second.

Details on Werewolf will be coming down the pipeline soon enough. Like Sockweb on Facebook if you haven’t already, lest you too be considered a big meanie.

– JR


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