World famous British progressive rockers Muse released The 2nd Law last year, and it was a highlight of their musical careers. It was proggier, more heartfelt, and more honest than any of their previous works. After releasing a video for their lead singleMadness a few months ago, they’ve released another video from their 6th LP for their fabulous song “Supremacy“, which can be seen below:


Yes, those are black metal surfers, and yes, they are in a Muse video. I don’t know what gave the director and Muse the idea to do a video such as this, but it is epic. Probably one of the cooler, most well done videos I’ve seen in a while, it somehow fits the song perfectly. Also, there is something about a black metal guy surfing that makes me wonder why I’ve lived my whole life without seeing such a thing. So thank you, Muse. You’ve filled a void in my life that I didn’t even know I had.

Muse’s brilliant LP The 2nd Law is available now via Warner Bros.

– GR


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