Metaldudes Cat Book

Every now and then a press release comes my way that makes me double-take to make sure I’ve read correctly or that I haven’t been thoroughly trolled. This morning, this very thing happened. Photographer Alexandra Crockett is releasing a book featuring photos of dudes from the metal scene holding cats. A photo book that bridges metal and cats? The internet is sure to explode once word starts spreading.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Metaldudes Cats Book challenges stereotypes of masculinity and the metal culture. I think we can all agree that cat photos and videos are an integral part of the Internet. Metaldudes Cats Book combines three loves that have a global reach: Kitties, Metal, and Dudes. A love of kitties binds the entire world together, even tough guys who listen to brutal, harsh music.”

Alexandra Crockett

Metaldudes Cats Book is a photography book dedicated to the creative and incredible people within the metal music scene and their cats. This book is intended to not only celebrate the beauty of the people photographed (and their adorable kitties), but also to transcend the judgement placed on the metal scene, which sometimes is characterized as violent, hateful and misanthropic. Once published, proceeds from the book will go toward no-kill cat shelters along the West Coast. With support from dedicated animal advocates such as Greg Ginn, Donald Tardy, Gitane Demone, and artist Christophe Szpajdel, Metaldudes Cats Book shows that while the music may be brutal, depressive, or extreme, the people in the scene are amazingly compassionate and affectionate, especially towards their pets. Isis, Xasthur, Atriarch, Black Goat, Book of Black Earth, Harassor, Lord Time, Skeletonwitch, King Dude, Morbid Angel, Anhedonist, Thrones, Lightning Swords of Death, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail, Nausea, Exhumed, Phobia, Murder Construct, Cattle Decapitation, and Gypsyhawk are only a few of the bands that have already volunteered to be photographed with their kitties.

I think I stand for every reasonable person ever when I say BACKED 100%. Also, the thought of elusive Sucidal/Depressive Black Metal solo act Xasthur agreeing to take a picture with his cat for charity is surreal. Pre-orders for the book will happen in the coming months, and we’ll pass along info when it comes in. Metal’s awesome. Cats are awesome. It’s perfect.

We’ll leave you with our own favorite feline Riddick with his human Noyan.

Noyan and Riddick

– JR

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