Chaos Divine

In the increasingly crowded Australian progressive music scene, it seems as if Perth’s Chaos Divine are a band that has flown somewhat under the radar, having failed to attract the degree of attention afforded to some of their more famed contemporaries.  Regardless, their 2011 sophomore album, The Human Connection, was a stellar work of progressive melodic metal, combining variously influenced riffs and harsh growls with big baritone vocal melodies and Australian progressive rock sensibilities to form what is a release of powerfully anthemic quality.

In 2012, Chaos Divine supported Between the Buried and Me and Animals As Leaders on the Perth leg of their Australian tour, and also released their superb cover of Toto‘s 1982 classic, ‘Africa‘.  In response to the cover, Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather, has Tweeted that it is his favourite version of the song to date, which is high praise indeed, considering just how many musicians have had a crack at this song over the past 30 years

With such successes under their belt, the band has this week announced on their Facebook page that they are seven tracks into writing their new album, and although nothing has yet been said as to when the album is set to be recorded, there would seem to be every chance that this is another album we can look forward to being released this year.    


– GS

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