Good news, everyone! While Tool are giving us not a damned thing at all, progressive and technical death metal legends Gorguts have just made a major step towards releasing their new forthcoming album by inking a deal with Season of Mist Records. Accompanying the news is a statement from founding member and frontman/guitarist Luc Lemay, which can be read below:

Dear fans,

It’s with so much joy and happiness that I write these lines to you. The past 2 years haven’t always been smooth sailing regarding this last record. A lot of legal, important factors, far from music composition have held this project in standby, but finally that’s all behind us now. The least I can say is that I cannot wait to share these last compositions with each of you. Everything from writing these new songs, traveling to NYC for rehearsals developing a new friendship with John, Kevin and Colin, three of the most talented people I ever jammed with……everything from this project was beyond stimulating artistically.

From this experience was born a new GORGUTS record, a concept record which is going to last over an hour. An hour of epic, ambient, dark music which doesn’t compromise its Death Metal roots. As a composer, by exploring different kind of music, it was always my goal to integrate the same writing tools in Death Metal as if I would be writing a piece of chamber music for instance.

Also, for the first time, I’ve waited for the music to be finished before I even write a single word. It took me a long time to elaborate this concept. Not that I had to create a story from square one, I had to educate myself by reading many books, so I knew what I was talking about. Not from an historian point of view, but enough so I can express myself clearly on this topic and write an epic story.

As far as production goes we’ve worked with my long time friend: Pierre Rémillard who recorded OBSCURA (1998), FROM WISDOM TO HATE (2001) and even the band’s very first demo in 1990. The mixing duties will be handled by Colin at is own Menegroth, the thousand caves Studio.

Well, I’m really eager to share this new record with you! All I can say is that the wait is over and that 2013 will be a great year for GORGUTS. Thanks to each of you for your endless support since the very beginning and your endless patience for this record to be released!!!!! Without you none of this would be possible.

Thank you from the heart,

Luc Lemay

The way he describes the record is extremely promising. Of course, bands are excited about their new music all the time so these things should be taken with a grain of salt, but Luc’s words definitely seem impassioned enough through text to instill confidence in the new album. An ‘epic’ Gorguts concept record is exactly what I’ve been hoping for since being introduced to band post-disbandment, so 2013 is starting to look that much more promising. Expect details to begin emerging in the coming weeks.

– JR


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