NYN - The Anachronist


Boasting an ambitious blend of progressive death metal and technical nine-string guitar compositions, Baltimore-based soloist Noyan Tokgozoglu effectively bridges the roots of progressive death metal (a la Atheist and Death) and melodic death metal (early In Flames, Insomnium, and Dark Tranquillity) with the modern do-it-yourself veneer of the internet age with NYN (pronounced ‘Nine‘). Possibly best known for his role in the more established deathcore band Carthage (who released their debut album in 2012), Noyan made waves in the online guitar community when he teamed up with independent luthiers Etherial Guitars to design his notorious TRON-inspired nine-string custom guitar. Through NYN, Noyan makes full use of the guitar’s extended range through not just deep cutting grooves and riffs, but with high-end melodic focus.


Following the announcement of his partnership with Etherial Guitars, Noyan released his debut solo EP The Anachronist in late 2012 under a pay-what-you-want pricing model through Bandcamp. The 6-track EP sees the multi-instrumentalist laying the groundwork for a conceptual universe that will be further explored throughout the NYN discography to come; ancient gods that were banished for thousands of years have returned to take over the world and reestablish their rule. Lead by the powerful Ynareth, the collective scorch the earth, raise the dead, and burn the skies, but humanity unites against this threat and fights back.

Reviews for The Anachronist thus far have been quite positive:

NYN is pure modern death metal, shot through with melody and technicality without leaning too heavily on either.” – The Monolith

“His complex writing style and ability to throw in many tricks into a song without ruining it is a skill many technical metal musicians only wish they could pull off.” – Headbang Or GTFO

“…great musicianship and songwriting skills. It’s extreme, fast-paced, and complicated…” – Can This Even Be Called Music

Work on the full-length album has already begun with the promise of taking everything to the extreme; greater emphasis on melody, progression, experimentation, and brutality that will mark Tokgozoglu as an up-and-coming songwriter to watch in the realm of epic metal. The as of yet untitled full-length album will see humanity decline after winning the battle against the returning gods. Without an enemy to unite them, mankind becomes its own enemy as their evils and influence become emphasized.

NYN is currently available for all review and interview opportunities. For any inquiries, contact [email protected]