Meshuggah - Pitch Black

Remember that new Meshuggah release that Scion AV teased last week? It saw release just last night! Pitch Black is a two-track EP that contains a never before released song titled ‘Pitch Black,’ which was recorded by guitarist Frederik Thordendal back in 2003 (?!), and a live recording of ‘Dancers To A Discordant System.’ Obviously, the main point of interest is the EP’s title track; it’s a decade old and it still sounds completely relevant, which puts a bit more bearing in the often quoted phrase (and I’m paraphrasing),”if you want to see what music looks like in 10 years, listen to Meshuggah now.”  From what we can gather, the song was done entirely by Thordendal, vocals included. This makes ‘Pitch Black’ quite an odd-ball in the Meshuggah discography.

Stream the track below:


Pitch Black can be downloaded for free at Scion AV. Go get it!


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