Mandroid Echostar Guitar

We like Mandroid Echostar and so should you. In this new wave of progressive and groove metal, bands need to find their own sound to stay afloat in the sea of Meshuggah clones, and this Toronto– Guelph, Ontario based prog band has just that. If you’re new to the band (even though you shouldn’t be) and need an approximation of sound, Mandroid Echostar has shades of the catchy vocal hooks of Coheed and Cambria with the progressive and neoclassical influenced guitar-oriented compositions of bands like The Human Abstract and Between the Buried and Me. Chances are, if you’re on this site often enough, this band is right up your alley. To showcase some of their instrumental skills, the band’s guitar trio got together and filmed a playthrough of their track ‘Kingdom and the Crown,’ which can be viewed below:


Yes, good.

The song appears on the band’s debut self-titled EP, which is currently available at Bandcamp. I implore you greatly to go and give it its due spin.

– JR


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