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Yesterday as I was drafting the news post for the new tour for occult/doom rock up-and-comers Ghost, I noticed a ‘B.C.’ included under the band’s name in the logo. I didn’t think much of it past the, “huh, that’s weird,” thought process, but as it turns out, Ghost were made to change their name in the United States to Ghost B.C. due to legal reasons. Here’s the word from a press release sent out Monday, February 4th:

In the year of 13, the second phase of GHOST B.C. begins with the release of the sophomore psalm INFESTISSUMAM on April 9, 2013 on Loma Vista Recordings.  Papa Emeritus II succeeded Papa Emeritus at the conclusion of phase one in the year of 12, and the Nameless Ghouls joined him under the unholy church’s current moniker Ghost B.C. – (Modified from Ghost in the US for legal reasons). Make no mistake though. The rituals still demand the same reverence and praise, fortified through a delivery of sweetly satanic melodies, snaking distorted riffs, and vaudevillian keyboards.

That’s unfortunate for Ghost. Trademark trolls like this are a blight on the face of intellectual property. How can one claim sole use for something as widely used and generic as “ghost”? Hopefully it won’t be much of a blow to the band’s growing momentum, but then again this is something fairly arbitrary to begin with and the music speaks for itself even through the band’s gimmick. Although, very few will probably notice the change and no one outside of the band’s camp will pay any attention to these new legal rules. I know we’ll probably just refer to them as Ghost from now on out of pure spite, and I’m sure a band aligned with Satan would appreciate some well intentioned spite.

Look out for the new Ghost/Ghost B.C. album INFESTISSUMAM out April 9th on Loma Vista Recordings.

– JR


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