Occasionally there will come a band that writes such impressively different, well-executed music that you just can’t help but enjoy their work. They’re a reservoir of infectious melodies and hooky rhythms that’s teeming with instant classics and not much else. Now take all of that description and throw in an insane work ethic with astounding video production.

That’s Wintergatan.


Wintergatan has a way of catching and keeping your attention in that the music might be constantly morphing, but the core concept of the song is never abandon. I accidentally discovered these guys on Reddit one day by way of their debut single ‘Sommarfågel‘ (above), and was blown away. Outside of their film-like instrumental genius, their videos are highly entertaining. I especially love the “here’s how we did it” montage afterward, especially for ‘Starmachine 2000,‘ (below) where the band is found building some of the instruments they use in the video. How’s that for dedication?


Wintergatan can be found on Facebook here. Keep an eye out for their debut album to out in May; I’m sure you’ll be seeing a review of it on here.

– GK


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