Black Sheep Wall

Black Sheep Wall are a super heavy band that you should know about. After releasing No Matter Where It Ends early last year, they cemented themselves as one of the new rising stars in the sludge/doom metal genre. Their downtuned guitars and extremely awesome screams/growls bring bands such as Admiral Angry to mind, which seems fit seeing their bassist used to be in Admiral Angry before the passing of Daniel Kraus. Being less than a year since their release, they are apparently gearing up to release an EP filled with new music, according to their Facebook page.

This is cool stuff. It seems that nearly everyone is releasing EPs in between full-lengths, which is a very smart strategy to keep your name out there. It also gives bands some new material to play live, which is always a bonus. So follow them on Facebook, and if you haven’t yet, go buy No Matter Where It Ends, out now via Season Of Mist.


– SS


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