Yard of Blondes

Stick with me for a second as I shake things up and introduce you to a band on the outside fringes of this site’s collective sense of music taste, yet are still entirely relevant. If you’re not counting folk metal, folk music in general seldom comes into play in the average music library of those who have more obscure and extreme tastes. This of course is changing every day, with artists like Wovenhand and Chelsea Wolfe taking a darker, almost doom-like aesthetic choice in folk rock that complements many bands that are considered sludge and stoner metal. It’s a rare connection, but it’s found among the open minded.

The latest band rising up and promising to capture the crossover appeal is Los Angeles based folk rock band Yard of Blondes. There actually isn’t much in the way of a studio recording of the band available yet from what I gather, but the duo plans to release an EP titled Murderology on March 26th. Their roots seem to be in a more traditional folk rock vein judging by YouTube live bootlegs of older material, but from what I’ve heard of Murderology, Yard of Blondes’ new material seems to invoke an interesting cross section of Ghost, Queens of the Stone Age, and Silversun Pickups. The album art has been unveiled through the short teaser clip found below, and it is gorgeous. It’s NSFW and features full-frontal female nudity, but as my assistant editor Evan “Juular” says, “naked bishes on the album art is always a plus.”


If you’re interested, visit Yard of Blondes on Facebook and be on the look out for Murderology on March 26th.

– JR


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