Soilwork - The Living Infinite

Soilwork were a band I really enjoyed back in the day, but their last record really didn’t do much for me. It just seemed kind of stale and stagnant, as if the band got complacent with their work on Sworn To A Great Divide and decided to make the same album twice. Though after hearing samples of songs from their upcoming double album The Living Infinite, I got excited all over again. It appears as it will be a return to form for the band, in a sense. It seems that it’s leaning towards the Natural Born Chaos era, which is killer, because that album is fantastic.

In anticipation of The Living Infinite, Soilwork frontman Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid talks about the upcoming album, and everything he says sounds like this record is going to be exactly what we are all hoping for.


Look for The Living Infinite on Nuclear Blast February 27th if you live in Europe, but us American will have to wait until March 9th.



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