How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion

How To Destroy Angels have been on the verge of releasing their debut full-length album for a couple of years now, and we’re finally approaching touchdown. The post-Nine Inch Nails industrial group have revealed the details surrounding their upcoming record Welcome Oblivion. The album art (above) definitely reflects the glitchy aesthetic themes the band have been using, and certainly invokes general spookiness — Slenderman and what have you. The music’s atmosphere has definitely reflected that sort of suspenseful feeling in the past, so one could assume the rest of the album will be significantly dark. Yes, good.

A new single from Welcome Oblivion titled ‘How Long?’ has been made available with an accompanying video, which NPR calls “terrifying.” It’s not really as bad as all that, but I can see it; a lot of the imagery in this dystopian short is a touch unsettling. Watch it below:

The tracklist for Welcome Oblivion is as follows:

01 The wake-up
02 Keep it together
03 And the sky began to scream
04 Welcome oblivion
05 Ice age
06 On the wing
07 Too late, all gone
08 How long?
09 Strings and attractors
10 We fade away
11 Recursive self-improvement
12 The loop closes
13 Hallowed ground

Pre-orders will be going live mid-February, including vinyl. Welcome Oblivion is due out March 5th.

– JR

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