The melding of electronic music and metal is getting more and more common these days with the expansion of music taste and the increase in technology and affordable studio equipment. While the French one man band  A.I.(d). isn’t as overt with the blend than the likes of The Algorithm, Lou Majdanek’s musical project creates some of the strangest and most avante garde music in the current metal scene by cutting up and pitch shifting guitar tracks and programming glitchy synths that blend together with the syncopated chugs in a haze of hectic music making you question what instruments are being played.

It’s all really cool. Especially since the composition is this thoughtful. Majdanek’s goal is to make his music nearly impossible to perform live and he has surely achieved his goal, as I’m sure the rest of his upcoming album Still Unknown will. A new track titled ‘Dramatic Lazyness‘ (sic) has been made available (below) and if you’re into bizarre music, then look no further. This track is one of the more straightforward tracks that the project has released, but things still tend to get hectic.


– CD & JR


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